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Imagine I was to approach you on the high street, verbally attacked you for holding humanist beliefs, criticised you for protecting your girlfriend or wife from STD’s (despite claiming to be a virgin), claimed the holocaust never happened, agreed with the slave trade, then to top it off order a cover up to allow people to abuse your children. Now imagine I said that you must think the same, and you must agree with what I say or suffer eternal damnation all because the voices in my head of an invisible man with a beard told me so. I’d be sectioned under the mental health act. That or I’d be Pope Benedict XVI on his tour of the UK.

Which one's him again?

Yes the man in a very ugly wedding gown, everyone’s favourite member of the Hitler youth, arrived today in Scotland amid a mutual press gang bang and a sea of drooling politicians and clergy. Before the pope-mobile was packed up, controversy had already surfaced over taxpayer funding, the catholic church’s position in global events, and what was nothing more than an attempted bitch-slap against the UK.

Benedict’s predecessor John Paul came to the UK on a “Holy” mission funded by the church having been invited by the Catholic church, Where as the current control freak came here having been invited by another unelected dogmatist, the Queen.  Ignoring the £25 cost of tickets to the open air mass in Glasgow or the cost of the inspired merchandise, who doesn’t want a Pope shaped bottle opener? Around £13 million is being spent on his tour, with an extra £1.5 million used to cover police standing around on a street rather than investigating muggings.

Apparently however, for his senior council the money isn’t enough as Cardinal Casper still saw fit to attack Britain for having a “multi-cultural society” by describing us as “Third World”. Which has an interesting logic to it, as if they define a Third World Country as somewhere where medical care is freely available, education is of a high standard, different ethnicities and cultures are widely tolerated, free speech and expression is common and food, water and energy are secure in supply then that must mean Iran is the most “First World” country around, with North Korea shortly behind them, and large areas of Africa. Whilst they claim no slide was intended, the old adage of closing the stable door after the horse is gone seems to apply.

The threat of people asking about the multi-billion organisation he runs raping children was one many feared would loom over his visit, but despite one question on the plane in which he said he was shocked when he found out this has been played down in favour of listening to what he wants to say. Although it is ironic that he was shocked as the man who ordered the cover up Casti Canubi as it is known within the church was indeed him. Back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger he lead the Catholic council on dealing with these “indulgences”, and ordered the cover up under penalty of excommunication. Why was he never arrested, because in the UK, US and many other EU countries the Pope as head of the Vatican was granted diplomatic immunity from any legal proceeding. Hence why the only way to get at him is through the civil courts and take their money.

But these really are of a minor nature, considering who the new enemy is to salvation and the countries future The Atheist. Since arriving this morning the Pope has launched an attack on what he describes as “Aggressive secularism”, shown by no invitation sent to the British humanist or secular societies while every other religious faith had representatives at his meet and greet in the Scottish capital.

Secularism, such as Athiesm, Agnostism and Humanism are the big guns for the wrinkly virgin, despite an estimated 40-50% of the population of the UK being non-religious. Even going as far as to saying, in a form of praise, that Britain had stood against Hitlers “atheist extremism

Fig 1

“Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society and denied our common humanity to many, especially the Jews, who were thought unfit to live”. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t Catholic priests captured giving salutes to the Genocidal Dictator (see fig 1)?

And wasn’t it the Catholic Church who had a platform of non-involvement during the Holocaust? I suppose though he may be right, and he did apologise around 65 years too late. But then who’d know more about mass slaughters and human suffering than a former member of the Hitler Youth in the Vatican. Oh and by the way, this claim Hitler was an Atheist, if that’s true explain why he was seen inspecting a giant cross in Germany with two close advisors (see fig 2)

Fig 2

There is one blessing though, ironic as using that term may be, they had hoped to attract over 100,000 people to the mass in Glasgow, they had to reduce that to 65,000. Even a man I know who went to see the Pope in Edinburgh, and then travelled to Glasgow this afternoon isn’t going to see the boogieman speak. He’s going to get very drunk in a pub, the true worship halls of Scotland.

The tour of course is not over; he’s still got the Midlands and the Capital to take in before he hopes on the plane back to Pasta-Land. So who knows what otherwise will come out of it, the one thing that is obvious, is in the BBC’s refusal to speak to any secular or atheist speakers to get the counter argument (this may change as the night progresses) it’s suck up time in the media. If you want truly unbiased news on what is going on, then you’ll have to go to the events yourself, as I’m certainly not unbiased, and neither is the mighty BBC, either way do yourself a favour, and seriously question anything that’s said by the man in the white dress.

Adam Walker


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